Better Balance and Focus with the Aurora Northern Lights Yoga/Fitness Mat

Aurorae Northern Lights Yoga / Fitness Mats with Golden Sun Focal Icon, Unique one of a kind colors, 5mm Thick, 72″ Long, SGS approved, Free from Phthalates, Silicone and Latex. Bio-degradable, No odor.

Aurora Northern Lights YogaYoga is known to do wonders not only for the physical body but your overall well-being. Most likely, you’re practicing it in order to achieve balance within yourself and to establish a harmonious connection with the “Universal Spirit” or “Cosmic Consciousness”. If you’re truly serious about doing this and allowing yoga to change your life for the better, it would greatly help to make use of the Aurora Northern Lights yoga mat. Each one comes with a unique color that seems to bring out your inner potential and bring you closer to Mother Nature. The golden sun focal icon certainly plays a major role in illuminating energy for your benefit.

Suitable Length and Thickness

Aurora Northern Lights YogaEach mat comes with a greater length and thickness than standard sizes and depths. This is to ensure that you are well-protected while doing the different yoga postures and movements. The extra thickness is helpful too in the absorption of impact when you exert pressure with your hands, feet, and joints.

Energizing Illumination

Indeed this fitness mat does not look like any other. Even the physical appearance itself was carefully designed to suit yoga practitioners who wish to better harness their energies and connect with the universe. The color scheme was made to mirror the energy source of northern lights. The golden sun icon in the center serves to promote better focus and also bring out your deeper power and potential.

Aurora Northern Lights YogaEco-Friendly Material

With the increasing awareness about the environment’s dire strait these days, it’s always a better option to go for eco-friendly materials. With these safe and biodegradable materials used for the mats, you get to contribute to the good of the environment while also benefiting from the absence of harmful chemicals and synthetic substances. Going all natural especially in doing yoga allows you to stay more in balance and to further deepen your connection with Mother Earth and the rest of the universe.

Who Would Buy This?

This yoga/fitness mat is especially directed toward health buffs and serious yoga practitioners who want to achieve harmony within themselves and with the rest of the universe. It’s also great for those who like exercising and employing natural health practices.

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The Advantages

Aurora Northern Lights YogaThe Aurora Northern Lights yoga/fitness mat is a fantastic exercise tool that also serves to provided you added strength, balance, and energy. Looking at the design and the icon in the middle will allow you better concentration and thus help you attain all the benefits that yoga promises to deliver.

As you engage in yoga classes, you’re also doing Mother Earth a favor by utilizing eco-friendly materials which these mats are made of. The mats are all natural, biodegradable, and safe. Even if you sweat a lot during yoga and different parts of your body are in close contact with the mat you’re using, you won’t be susceptible to allergies and skin problems.

Oftentimes, yogis tend to have a difficult time pulling off some movements and positions because their mats are not wide and thick enough. This is why the Aurora Northern Lights mats were created with extra length and thickness. Besides, these contribute to increased safety and security.

The Disadvantage

Because these yoga mats are extra thick and extra long, they may take up more space than usual in your yoga or gym bag. However, this is just a very minor sacrifice as compared with the great benefit that such features offer. At least you can be more comfortable and at ease in doing different positions and exercises. You can be assured of better protection too even if you land hard or if you stretch out far.

Is It Good Value for Money?

With all the features and benefits discussed above, you’re certainly bound to get great value and not just good value for your money. Getting one of these mats is a beneficial move especially if you intend to take up yoga for a long time or make it a regular part of your lifestyle. If you also engage in other forms of exercise that make use of mats, then all the more that you can make the most of your purchase.

Where to Buy and Read More Reviews?

For more information, it would be good for you to visit Amazon. Here you’ll find a number of helpful reviews too to help you decide if this Aurora Northern Lights mat is suitable for you and is as good as the claim is in reality. Take advantage of Amazon’s lower prices and discounted shipping deals. Don’t miss out on this special mat!

Aurorae Yoga Mats- Specially Designed 1/4″ (6mm) Ultra Thick Memory Foam. 72″ Long with our Rising Moon Focal Icon. Free from Phthalates, Silicone and Latex.Toxin Free and Bio-Degradable 100% guaranteed

Aurorae Yoga Mats – Cheap Price For Sale

Aurorae Yoga MatsMost yoga studios offer mats which you can rent for use for your workout but you never know how many people have used them prior to you. A better sanitary option that actually saves money is to bring your own. If you’re looking for a decent mat to take with you to class or use in your home Aurorae yoga mats have many beneficial features that make them an excellent choice among the different brands available.

Aurorae Yoga MatsThick Memory Foam Mat

When you’re doing Yoga or any type of floor exercises you really want a thick mat that helps support your hands, knees and joints. This mat is made of thick memory foam that conforms for comfort and helps keep you from sliding while in various poses.

Durable Material

A high-quality mat should be made to stand up to use over time. These mats are very durable for long-lasting use especially when properly cared for. Indentions in the foam mat disappear over time so it doesn’t wear down.

Non-Toxic Composition

Aurorae Yoga Mats

For those who are eco-conscious an important factor to take in is a mat that is free of phthalates and other harmful properties. This also reduces the odor factor that some yoga mats have, which is also important when doing poses that have your face so close to the mat. This mat is not only composed of non-toxic materials, it is also biodegradable so it’s better for you as well as the environment.

Great Color Options

Having a mat that fits your personality is a nice added feature and helps support a positive energy. These mats come in a wide assortment of vibrant colors that are suitable for men and women to choose from.

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Who Would Buy This:

These Aurorae Yoga Mats are suitable for use by Yoga instructors and fitness enthusiasts who like to practice Yoga, Pilates, or any other type of exercise workout that involves floor exercises. They roll up conveniently and are the perfect size for taking along for use in a studio setting for fitness classes. The lightweight foam also makes it easier for carrying for those who like to walk to their yoga class or in the park.


Aurorae Yoga MatsThese mats are specifically designed to help optimize your workout with several features that you don’t find with other yoga mats. The non-toxic composition is great for use without the obnoxious smell some other mats have and are suitable for people with allergies to Latex as they are silicone and latex-free. They also won’t leave a residue on your hands or clothes. The memory foam offers added comfort with a thickness of 1/4″ and keeps a good firm grip on the floor so you aren’t sliding around.

Another notable feature is the size. It is the perfect length to lie on and width to provide just enough room for you to work out on in a studio without compromising space for others around you. It’s also nice that it rolls up for convenient carrying and still lies completely flat when rolled out.


One of the downsides of this yoga is that it is slick when sweating or doing hot yoga; although most yoga mats do lose their grip after excessive perspiration. One solution is to use a towel to keep your hands from sliding while in certain positions. It is also recommended to use the Slip-Free Rosin that is available to pair with your yoga mat to reduce slipping during your workout. Aurorae is also commended for great customer service so if there are any problems incurred with the mat they can easily help you find a solution to ensure a positive experience with their mats.

Value for money?

Overall the Aurorae Yoga mats provide a great value for users with long-lasting abilities that make them a popular choice. It costs much less than some other premium mats yet they are made with great quality. Even after repeated use and washing, considering you follow the proper guidelines they recommend, it shows minimal wear and tear for a yoga mat. It is also much more sanitary and cost-efficient than renting a mat from a yoga studio that others have used.

Where to buy and read more reviews:

The Aurorae Yoga mats are available for purchase from the Aurorae main site or through The best place to find reviews for these mats based on other people’s experiences is Amazon. They have more than 950 product reviews with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars for this product.

Aurorae Yoga Mats

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